Financial Planning for Small Business Owners in Fort Lee, Englewood and Englewood Cliffs

Dreams are important. They sustain us, give us hope for the future, and keep us moving forward even when times are tough.

But to make a dream come to fruition you need determination and a plan. If you are on this website, then you have already started to move forward with your dream. All you need now is a plan. That is why The Arcadian Group exists - to help the people of Fort Lee who are interested in starting their own businesses make a plan to create a solid financial foundation to build on.

Call The Arcadian Group to Start Down the Right Path

In our 30 years of helping small startup businesses, we have found that the place to start is with the owner and their personal finances. This may seem like an obvious first step, but from our research we seem to be the only firm in or around Fort Lee that takes this approach.

The reasons for focusing on owner finances are twofold.

First, it is to understand the household financial requirement i.e. the amount of income a person needs for themselves and their family to live in relative comfort. This requirement becomes the baseline for the sustainability of the business and that the owner must focus on paying this amount to themselves first and foremost. If not, then there is a significant possibility that the only thing a new business will accrue is debt.

Secondly, by taking full account of one’s finances, The Arcadian Group can do a thorough investigation on possible sources for startup funds. We are often able to find sources that can be taken from the owner’s current financial situation, minimizing the amount of debt the startup may require at the onset.

Get a Firm Grip on Your Future

And this is only step one of the comprehensive financial planning strategy The Arcadian Group provides the startups and microbusinesses in and around Fort Lee. If you are interested in having the advice and counsel of experienced business startup professionals in your corner, then get in contact with us today. We are looking forward to hearing from you.